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Present Your Country at Friday Fest

Here are some helpful information when you present your country:

  • Purchase up to $50 of food/supplies and give the receipts to ISA within one week of your presentation. We will reimburse you for the money spent.

  • BUY food, decorations, etc.

  • DO NOT buy plates, napkins, cups, etc. These are provided by ISA.

  • EDUCATE others about LIFE in your country. Show photos, short videos, etc.

  • Speak for at least one minute in your NATIVE LANGUAGE. Introduce yourself, give general information, teach us a few phrases.

  • Dance, Sing, Play a Musical Instrument, etc. Use creativity to keep it Interesting, Entertaining, and Informative.

  • Work together with other students from your country.

  • After the Friday Fest, assist ISA with cleaning up the presentation area (trash, chairs, etc.)

  • Have Fun!