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Booth Information

If you and your friends are interested in participating with a booth representing your country, please go here to sign up: The deadline for submission is March 3 at 5:00.

You may also contact the International Programs Center (IPC) for an application:

UNCG International Programs Center (IPC)
Tel: (336) 334-5404
Fax: (336) 334-5406

Selling Merchandise

Please note that while there is no rule against it, we do discourage the selling of merchandise during the festival if you are a student group/country booth. Vendors who pay a registration fee may sell items. The I-Fest otherwise is not a time for profit, but a time for celebration, education and the sharing of your culture with others.


Many booths have requested electricity, but the power wagons can only support a limited number. Priority for electricity is being given to booths where food must be cooked.

If your booth requires electricity for a cd player or laptop, it is advisable that you consider the use of batteries. This frees up more power for the sound system and booths serving food. If you requested electricity, you will be contacted regarding this request.

Serving Food?

You are encouraged to serve samplings of food from your country or region. Some organization serve heated food while many others offer cold samplings. Certain rules apply when serving food.

Setup on Saturday

Please note that all participants must meet at the I-Fest location no later than 10:00am for setup and for the distribution of supplies.

Each booth must remain in operation from 12-5pm. In addition, each group is responsible for the clean up of their booth area and the break down of their tent.


On the day of the festival, if you have any concerns please stop by the IPC/ISA booth and someone will assist you.