Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Practical Training is work experience related to a student's academic field of study. It is designed to provide you with an opportunity to gain actual employment experience in your field of study. Its purpose is to "round off" or complement your academic work. The employment must be directly related to your major field of study.  While most students apply for post completion OPT (i.e. for use after finishing your degree program), OPT authorization prior to completing your academic program may be appropriate.  OPT employment may occur anywhere in the United States.

Definition and Eligibility requirements
Procedures and Forms
Your Responsibilities as an F-1 Student in OPT

Special Topics

Types of Approved Employment
Unemployment Time
24-month Optional Practical Training (STEM OPT) Extension
CAP GAP Extension

For further information, please make an appointment to speak with the International Student Advisor at the International Programs Center.

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