Promoting Study Abroad

Anything you can do to promote UNCG's Study Abroad programs is appreciated. We know that without the support of all UNCG faculty and staff, our efforts in IPC will never be enough. Students depend on qualified individuals whom they trust to advise them about such matters as studying abroad. You are their first point of contact and without your encouragement we may never get them to visit our office.

We have materials for you available upon request to help you recruit and advertise our programs, and we will even make classroom presentations (as short as 5 minutes or as long as your class) if invited. All you need to do is call our office at the number below and schedule a time for an IPC staff member to make a presentation in your class, club, or departmental faculty meeting. Please tell us how many participants you expect, intended audience, length of desired presentation, time and place. We would be delighted to make a pitch about opportunities for study abroad.

If you find it easier, you can simply make the following short announcement in each of your classes:

"Be one of the over 200 UNCG students who go on exchange programs per year. Our motto at UNCG is: If you can afford to study at UNCG, you can spend a semester or year abroad because here at UNCG we concentrate on exchanges, meaning you pay your tuition and fees here, and someone else pays the tuition in his/her country. Then you swap places. If you go on one of our exchange programs, then any financial aid or scholarships that you have apply. IPC will then give you a travel grant (between $600 and $1000) to offset the costs incurred for your travel.
You can study in over 35 countries. Some of these countries (even non-English speaking countries) have coursework in English. If you need a language for your program, the requirement will be four semesters of university language courses (i.e., through the 204-level). Who is eligible: all undergraduates and graduates in good academic standing. For most programs the GPA requirement is 2.75.

About half our students go abroad as sophomores, doing pre-approved programs designed to meet general education core requirements. The other half go as Juniors to earn major credit. Some Freshmen and Seniors go abroad, but no matter what your status, it is important that you get started as soon as possible. All you need to do is call IPC at 334-5404 to get started, and IPC will help you organize your program. General deadlines are February 15 for full year and fall programs and September 15 for spring programs. (If IPC is unable to offer you a suitable UNCG exchange, they will give you information about other programs.) Don't pass up this unique opportunity to spend a semester or year abroad."