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Denise L. Bellamy, Director of Study Abroad & Exchanges


November 16, 2018


Fall 2019 University Recruitment Information and Exchange Applications

Greetings from North Carolina! Dee Stafford, our Incoming Exchange Coordinator and I look forward to welcoming your students to UNCG. Please confirm receipt of this memo with Dee and include any updates to your contact information. Thank you in advance! This email and all information in this email can be found on our UNCG Partner University web page at the following URL: http://www.uncg.edu/ipg/recruitingmemo.htm

As we move toward restoring or keeping the balance with your University, please send Dee a quick email to let her know how many students you would like to send for the Fall 2019 semester. Please also include if they plan to apply an undergraduate or graduate program at UNCG and their program of study or the department that the student wants to take courses in. Dee will then be able to advise how many students we will be able to receive based on the current balance with your specific university. Thank you for your help in this matter.


Incoming exchange student applications are now created and housed in our online application portal: https://studyabroad.uncg.edu/ In order to find the application for their school, students will click "programs", then select "incoming" from the Program Type tab and select their school. Students will choose the “non-uncg login” to set up their account. Each application requires a copy of passport, updated academic transcript and proof of English Language (if applicable).

Additional Requirements for Graduate Student Applications:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • List of the student’s current semester courses if they are not included on the academic transcript
  • Personal statement indicating the department they are applying to take courses in
  • Course request list
  • Note: graduate students must take at least one graduate level course in the department they apply to.


Graduate Level Applicants*

March 1, 2019

Undergraduate Level Applicants

March 15, 2019

Please note: We are aware that these deadlines may not be possible for some of our partner universities (particularly for universities located in the Southern Hemisphere). If your students will not be nominated by the deadline, please send us an email with an anticipated number of nominations so that we can best prepare for and accommodate your student applications. Please send an email to Dee Stafford, saein@uncg.edu



An English proficiency score is required with the application if the student is from a university or in a program where instruction is not in English.

Please see below for the minimum English proficiency requirements:



PBT: 550
CBT: 213
IBT: 80
ITP: 550



6.0 for undergraduate students
6.5 for graduate students



All of our course catalog materials are available to you and your students on-line at the following web address:  http://www.uncg.edu/reg/Catalog/.  Students can view course descriptions, requirements, and use the on-line Course Search to find out which of those courses are offered for the upcoming semester. 

Lists of courses for the upcoming semesters are available in the Online Course Search. https://banweb.uncg.edu/prod/hwzkcoff.P_UncgSlctCrsOff 
In many cases, students may take courses outside their given major. For example, students in Business Management are eligible to take classes in exercise and sports science; however, some restrictions apply. Restrictions are listed as numbered hyperlinks in the “Notes” column of the Online Course Search. Also, be aware that the number of available seats for any given course is displayed in the Course Search. 

Exchange students will be required, upon admission, to use the Course Search in order to determine what courses they wish to attend. Pre-Registration for courses occurs before the students’ arrival. More information about pre-registration will be included in the acceptance package.

Full-time Course Load for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (per semester)

Undergraduate Students

Full-time course load for undergraduate student is 12 credit hours per semester. Most students take 12-15 credit hours per semester.

Graduate Students

Full-time course load for graduate-level students is 9 credit hours per semester

Bryan School of Business and Economics: Course Registration Information:
Please see the link below for IMPORTANT information regarding GPA requirements, course options and registration details for students who are applying to take courses in the Bryan School of Business and Economics: https://bryan.uncg.edu/students/study-abroad/incoming/

ARRIVAL, 2019-2020

Fall 2019

Students are expected to arrive on August 12, 2019

*Please advise your students not to arrive after these dates.

Other important dates, such as the first day of class, holidays, and exams, can be found at the following address:



Here are the UNCG J-Visa Financial Certification requirements for exchange students under personal funds. Students are required to show to the US embassy that they have the following amount in personal funds to use for their semester or year at UNCG. 



Full Year

Tuition/Fee Exchange



Tuition/Fee/Room Exchange



Tuition/Fee/Room/Board Exchange





U.S. Government regulations require international students to have sufficient medical insurance coverage to participate on an exchange to the United States. UNCG international exchange students are required to have health insurance. Students may purchase the UNCG health insurance plan OR submit proof of their own non-UNCG health insurance that satisfies the U.S. Department of State requirements outlined below:

  • Benefit maximum must be no less than $100,000 per accident or illness
  • The plan deductible may not exceed $500 per accident or illness per plan year
  • Minimum of $50,000 for medical evacuation
  • Minimum of $50,000 for repatriation

Note: All students will receive detailed information on how to purchase or waive the UNCG health insurance plan.


You may wish to give your students the following UNCG information sheets.  (The students will receive this information in their preliminary acceptance email.)  Information sheets are divided into the following terms of exchange agreement:

Tuition/Fee Exchange


Tuition/Fee/Room Exchange*


Tuition/Fee/Room/Board Exchange




*Chinese University of Hong Kong students ONLY

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dee Stafford (saein@uncg.edu)

From all of us here at UNCG International Programs, we wish you and your staff a successful academic year!