Re-Entry Workshops

Each semester we present a two-part re-entry workshop for students who are returning from study abroad. Coming back to UNCG and the U.S. can be a challenging time for many students, and we have found that by providing a time for students to reflect and process their experience abroad, as well as to learn about possible ways to integrate the experience into their lives, students are better able to work through these challenges in healthy ways.

First Workshop

The first workshop usually takes place during the second or third week of the semester and is designed to provide opportunities to connect returning students together in order to share their experiences with going abroad and coming home. We also talk about reentry adjustment and present several handouts which describe what they may be going through and why this might be difficult.

Second Workshop

The second workshop takes place two weeks after the first. The objective of this workshop is to provide returning students with ideas and opportunities to integrate all that they have gained through their experience abroad into their current lives at home and possibly into future career or academic decisions. In the past, we presented a panel of experts to answer students' questions and provide opportunities for students to consider.

To register for the workshops, please contact Study Abroad and Exchanges.