Registering for Classes

New international students are expected to participate in the New International Student Orientation program provided by the International Programs Center.  YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE ORIENTATION PROGRAM TO COMPLETE THE CLASS REGISTRATION PROCESS.  Along with facilitating your advising and registration process, the orientation program will provide crucial information about campus services, programs and administrative procedures. Your participation is required as we will provide you with vital academic and cultural information that will contribute with a successful educational experience at UNCG.

img1 Undergraduate Students

Registration for new, transfer students will take place upon your arrival at UNCG during the week of orientation. For students who have completed the INTERLINK language program, academic advising, course selection, and registration will take place during the week or orientation.

For details regarding orientation advising and registration, please visit the following website: Spartan Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

img1 Graduate Students

Registration will take place upon your arrival at UNCG, during the week or orientation. During that week, please contact your academic department for academic advising, course selection, and registration.

An Orientation Schedule will be given to you upon arrival or you may consult the International Programs Center approximately one month prior to the start of the new semester.