Study Abroad and Exchanges

Welcome to Study Abroad. As a participant in this program, you will open yourself to a world of new possibilities. Our office is here to help you discover the many options that will enhance your educational experiences. Through partnerships with other institutions around the world, we develop a myriad of exchange opportunities. We provide support to international exchange students who have chosen to study at UNCG. Broaden your perspectives. Join us as we open doors to new adventures for exchange students here at this university and for UNCG students ready to meet different cultures outside the United States.

Services and responsibilities for UNCG students who wish to study abroad include:

  1. Recruiting qualified students for our various programs
  2. Helping students find a suitable study abroad program
  3. Providing advising, information and application materials for prospective exchange students
  4. Helping students through the application process and assisting them in finding financial assistance
  5. Preparing students for their exchange experience
  6. Supporting students during their study abroad experience
  7. Aiding students in the transfer of credit process
  8. Providing advising once students have returned

Services and responsibilities for incoming exchange students from our partner universities:

  1. Administering the exchange programs, coordinating the programs with our partner universities and working with our international exchange students throughout their experience at UNCG
  2. Admitting exchange students and providing documents necessary for visa application (J-1)
  3. Providing academic advising for students and serving as liaison to the various academic departments
  4. Providing orientation and social events for international exchange students
  5. Aiding students who wish to work on campus or undertake an Academic Practical Training