Advanced FAQ's for Outgoing Students
Once You've Been Selected

What is the difference between a tuition/fee/room/board swap and a
tuition/fee swap?

With a tuition/fee swap you only pay your tuition and fees at UNCG and take money
for your room and board with you to the host university. The host university will let
you know how to make payments for housing.

With the tuition/fee/room/board swap, you pay all four at UNCG and receive
equivalent benefits at the university. You will have a place to stay and will receive a
monthly meal stipend. There are no meal plans like those known in the U.S. We call
these exchanges equivalent exchanges because depending on the strength of the
dollar in the host country the dollar value may vary. If you pay a program fee you
will continue to receive benefits during vacation breaks.

When do I make payments to UNCG?
Your tuition and fees at UNCG are paid as they normally would be (whether you go
abroad or not). Insurance payments and program fees (where applicable) will be
discussed at orientation, but are normally due before the end of the semester that
you apply.

Do I need to notify Financial Aid that I am going on an exchange?
No, the International Programs Center will send the Financial Aid Office a list of
exchange students. You should, however, contact them before you leave to make
sure all your paperwork is in order.

If I live on campus at the moment, should I cancel my housing before
going abroad?

Yes, be sure to cancel your housing and tell Housing and Residence Life that you will
be abroad on exchange.

Do I need to register for ISE 999?
Pre-registration for the semester you are selected is discussed at the academic
workshop. The International Programs Center will register you for ISE 999 for
12 hours.

Should I wait until the travel grant comes to get my ticket?
The travel grant is awarded in connection with financial aid checks, and therefore,
it may be necessary to buy tickets before your travel grant is collected. The best
ticket prices are generally 6 to 8 weeks before departure. Be sure to plan ahead.

Will I need a visa to study abroad?
The answer varies from country to country. Specific information is given out at
orientation. Be sure you apply promptly upon receipt of your acceptance letter
from the host university so that you will have the visa before you leave.

What happens if I get to my host school and I have to change my
course schedule?

If this happens be sure to contact your major advisor and let them know your
choices. Carbon any messages about coursework to Tom Martinek, Jr. so that he
can put a copy in your file.

What should I do if I want to extend my exchange once I am abroad?
There is no guarantee that you will be extended, but you need to write a formal
email to Tom Martinek, Jr. explaining your reasons for wanting to extend and your
exact plans. You must send this email well before the next semester's application
deadlines (February 15 or September 15). He will then send you instructions for
extending. These will include getting approval from your departmental academic
advisor with an appropriate selection of courses, extending your power of attorney,
and making arrangements for payments.

How will I know what to do for pre-registration?
While you are abroad, Tom will send you your advising codes by email as soon as
they are posted. You should mark pre-registration on your calendar. If you will not
be near a computer during your pre-registration window, please send your
information to a friend or family member to register for you. If you experience
technical difficulties be sure to provide Tom with detailed schedule information and
she will help get you registered through the registrar’s office. If you will be gone
for the full year, the International Programs Center will register you for ISE 999 in the second semester. Check UNC Genie to be sure that you have been registered.

When do I apply for on-campus housing for when I return?
The sooner, the better. You will need to do this on-line. If you have any problems
contact Jood Schachtschneider in Housing and Residence Life. (You also have her
email on your orange contact sheet.)

Do I need to do anything special before I return to UNCG?
Be sure to go by the international office at your host institution. Thank them for the experience and fill out any paperwork that needs to be done. Check to see that you
have cleared all bills and that you do not owe any money. Be sure to get professors' signatures if requested (especially in France). If in Germany don't forget your
Scheine. Don't forget to turn in keys and check on deposits. Remember to bring back
all work with you to UNCG.

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