Application Guide
For Study Abroad Applicants

The following guidelines are intended to assist you in the completion of your application. In order to be considered for study abroad, you will need to submit various documents to the International Programs Center (IPC). Applications are given out by the International Programs Center. To schedule an appointment call (336) 334-5404 or stop by 203 Foust Administration Building.


  • Application and Application Fee ($225.00)
  • Study Site Form for each school
  • Academic Reference Forms (2)
  • Language Proficiency Report for language of instruction (unless the language of instruction will be in English)
  • Statement of Purpose (in English)
  • Brief Essay in Language of Host Country (if you are not studying in English)
  • Official transcript of all the courses that you have taken at the university level (including past colleges/universities)

Read carefully the conditions of placement on the last page before signing the form. Complete the Application and be sure to sign it.

Study Site Form
Before you complete your Study Site Forms, learn all you can about the study sites that interest you. Review all college catalogs which are available to you in 211 Foust Administration Building. Discuss your proposed academic program for each study site with your academic advisors and with professors in the fields you wish to study. It is important that you provide complete details about what you want to study. IPC suggests that you list more courses than you intend to take so there is some flexibility in your final program.

Academic Reference Forms
Complete the first section of each Academic Reference Form; read the waiver and sign it if you wish. You must provide two academic references from professors or instructors. Your instructors should complete the chart on the front of the page, write their comments on the back and return the form directly to IPC. You may submit additional references from other people who can evaluate you as a candidate for exchange.

Language Proficiency Report
You must submit this form for the language in which you propose to study. If you propose to study in English, this form is not required. Complete the first part of the form and then please give the form to an appropriate faculty member who will conduct the foreign language evaluation. He or she should return the form directly to IPC.

Statement of Purpose
Prepare a short essay (about 500 words) introducing yourself and presenting your reasons for wanting to participate on an exchange. Use this essay to tell us about your strengths and special interests that may not be evident in other materials you have submitted. Do not include specific references to or justifications for wanting to study at a particular university. Creativity is encouraged. Please use plain white paper. Statement of Purpose should be typed.

Brief Essay for Non-English Speaking Sites
This is required if you have had any formal language training in the host language. Introduce yourself briefly in the host language and, to the best of your language ability, provide reasons and expectations for studying abroad. This should not be a direct translation of the Statement of Purpose but do attempt to provide similar information. Please use plain white paper. The Brief Essay should be typed.

Deadline for Submission of Application
Return the completed application to IPC by the appropriate submission deadline.

Study Abroad Selection Committee
When you submit an application to IPC, an interview for each applicant will be scheduled with the Study Abroad Selection Committee. The Committee is normally made up of faculty members and administrators with international experience and an interest in promoting study abroad opportunities. Your interview will take about 20 minutes. Applicants who are nominated by the Selection Committee will be notified within a few weeks of the interview.

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