Basic FAQ's for Outgoing Students
Getting Started

What is an exchange?
In most cases, students are directly enrolled in an overseas university, taking
courses and sitting for exams with regularly enrolled students. In return, an
international student takes your place at UNCG.

Who is eligible?
Full-time undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing (usually,
at least a 2.75 GPA). Exchanges can take place at any level, from sophomore to

How long is an exchange?
An exchange can last for a full academic year or one semester.

Will I receive credit?
Yes! With prior planning, credit earned abroad will be applied toward your degree.
Also, most academic departments will grant credit for study abroad. Early approval
from your advisor regarding credit transfer will reduce later worries.

How much does it cost?
You can participate in an exchange for about the same cost as a semester or year at
UNCG in residence at UNCG. Most Federal/State financial aid will apply.
Our motto is: "If you can afford to study at UNCG, you can afford to study abroad!"
There are other factors to consider, such as exchange rates and the value of the US
dollar at the time you go abroad. UNCG also offers special travel grants to students
who study abroad on our programs.

Do I have to speak a foreign language?
Certainly not! Many opportunities are available in English-speaking countries. There
are also many programs in non-English speaking countries that offer instruction in

How can I apply?
You can find out more about exchange programs at UNCG by contacting Study Abroad
and Exchanges
, or stopping by our office in 207 Foust Building.

Why is there a separate application for ISEP sites?
UNCG is a member of this Washington, D.C. based exchange program which offers opportunities in over 39 countries worldwide. The ISEP program requires that students complete ISEP application forms, and deadlines may be earlier than our general

Why are students encouraged to choose three to five rank-ordered
study site destinations?

Some destinations are more competitive than others (especially Australia).

How can I keep track of everything I need to know and do in order to participate in an exchange?
Make an appointment to go over the UNCG exchange checklist and keep it with you
as you go through the exchange process. As you complete a step, you can check it
off and then move on to the next one!

When should I get started?
It is never too early to get started. Once you know the process you can plan
accordingly and apply at the appropriate time for you. We look forward to working
with you.

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