Financial Aid FAQ's

1. Can I use financial aid for study abroad?
Yes. It is possible to use financial aid for UNCG exchange programs. Even if you have not received aid in the past, you should consider applying for financial aid through UNCG for the period of your study abroad. Non-UNCG students should contact the Financial Aid Office of their home institution to discuss options.

2. Where do I find more specific information on financial aid for study abroad?
After you have chosen a study abroad program, you should discuss financial aid study abroad procedures with an advisor in The International Programs Center.

3. What kind of aid is available?
Need-based financial aid: This type of aid depends on an evaluation of your financial need and is processed by the UNCG Financial Aid Office. It includes all federal grants, federal loans, and assorted state- and institutionally-based loans and grants. Supplementary loans: These loans are not need-based and are designed to supplement the parent/student contribution to your educational costs. These can be used along or in conjunction with need-based financial aid to finance your study abroad costs.

These loans may involve a separate application process. Scholarships: Undergraduate students that receive various UNCG-based scholarship support (e.g. Competitive Scholars, Bryan Scholars, Reynolds Scholars, NC Teaching Fellows, etc.) can apply this support to approved UNCG study abroad programs. Additionally, the International Programs Center administers a substantial travel grant program for UNCG study abroad programs through its Endowment for International Programs.

4. How do I apply for financial aid?
Appropriate Financial Aid forms are available online or from the UNCG Financial Aid Office, 159 Mossman Building, telephone 334-5702, http://fia.uncg.edu.

5. When should I start applying for financial aid?
Please refer to the Financial Aid Office website for all application deadlines and application procedures.
Applying early is critical. There is a priority filing deadline of 1 December.

6. How much of my costs will financial aid cover?
It depends on the following variables: your study abroad program cost, your financial need, and the number of supplementary loans to which you will have access. In reviewing your options, you should also consider how much loan debt you are willing to incur.

7. Will the number of credits I take affect my financial aid?
YES. The credit load requirements are the same as those for on-campus study. For specific details refer to the UNCG Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility, available from the Financial Aid Office.

8. Do my grades affect my future financial aid?
Successful completion of the study abroad program will affect your financial aid status in the same way that it would if you had studied on campus. For semester exchange programs you will receive transfer credit for your study abroad program. Therefore, your grades received overseas will not be reflected in your UNCG GPA. It is your responsibility to ensure that your transfer credits are evaluated and posted to your UNCG transcript promptly upon your return.

9. Who is responsible for taking care of my financial aid while I'm overseas?
YOU are responsible. The International Programs Center will assist you in making necessary arrangements to ensure that all funds are forwarded to the appropriate places. Keep in mind that you must make these arrangements prior to your departure or your aid may not be released or it may be delayed.

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