Special Funding
Student Support for Study Abroad

The H. Michael Weaver Endowment in International Programs was established in August, 1994. Because of Mr. Weaver's generous gift, over 100 travel grants are awarded annually to UNCG students studying overseas.

The Endowment for International Programs
Study Abroad is an important vehicle for furthering the UNCG mission of providing students with a global perspective. To encourage participation in Study Abroad, the University's Endowment for International Programs annually provides up to two hundred travel awards to students heading overseas. The travel awards program is administered by the UNCG International Programs Center (IPC).

The UNCG study abroad travel grant program
All UNCG students participating on UNCG sponsored programs may be eligible to receive a study abroad travel grant. Students participating on a semester or year long exchange indicate interest in receiving a travel grant on the exchange applications. Students participating in a summer program may solicit support from The UNCG Endowment for International Programs. Funding up to $1,000 can be awarded.

How to apply for an IPC travel grant
Students participating on a semester or year long exchange apply through their exchange applications. For students participating on a summer program, brochures and application forms for are available in the IPC office. Deadlines for receipt of requests are March 15 for summer programs. For semester or year long exchanges you must indicate interest on your exchange application and return the application by the appropriate exchange deadlines.