Steps in the Application & Selection Process
  • Make an “options” appointment with an IPC advisor at The International Programs Center (IPC), 203 Foust Building, by calling (334-5404) or coming by the office. During this appointment you will review the application and selection process and discuss your choice of study sites.

  • Set up a second “checklist” appointment through IPC. This appointment details the entire procedure for applying, advising, selection, and orientation.
  • Review all available information regarding UNCG exchange opportunities. 
    These materials include: individual program brochures (available from IPC), university catalogs available in Foust 211 (IPC’s Conference Room), and university and country information (including photos!) available via our website: . Students interested in ISEP opportunities can review the ISEP Directory via the ISEP website at http://www.isep.org/. Also, remember to ask if exchange students from your prospective host campus are currently studying at UNCG!

  • Set up your “application” appointment where you will receive the application and be given instructions on how to complete it.

  • Work next on planning your proposed study program for each of the sites you've chosen.  Research course availability, referring to available university catalogs. Information is available in Foust 211 (IPC’s conference room) and/or online.  Remember to always select more courses than needed as you will want to have several alternates. All selected courses will need to be approved by your departmental advisor.

  • Statement of Purpose.  A Statement of Purpose will be required with the application. It should be a brief (about 500 words), independently composed description of yourself.  Specific information about your statement of purpose will be given during the “application” appointment. This essay may influence your acceptance at a requested site and therefore should be clear, thoughtful, and carefully prepared.  Review the essay with IPC staff or some other objective evaluator before typing it.  Students who plan to select study at sites where the language of instruction is other than English must also prepare an essay in the language of instruction. 

  • Type or print very neatly and proofread your application several times.  Correct all errors, even small ones.  Appearance, presentation and organization count!

  • Schedule the “interview prep” appointment with an IPC Advisor prior to the interview. Interview preps are usually done in the two weeks prior to the application deadline. These appointments usually only last about 20- 30 minutes. This appointment will give you valuable information on how to prepare for the interview.

  • Schedule an interview with the Study Abroad Selection Committee.  The Committee is made up of faculty members with international experience and an interest in promoting study abroad opportunities.  Your interview normally takes about 20 minutes and questions will address the selection criteria listed above.  Interviews will take place during the weeks immediately following the application deadline. Applicants who are nominated by the Selection Committee for placement at a study site abroad will be notified within several days of the interview.

Pre-departure orientations will be given for all exchange applicants nominated by the Study Abroad Committee for placement.  Every student selected is required to attend.  General Pre-Departure Orientations will take place in late March/early April for Fall semester and Academic Year exchanges; late October/early November for Spring semester exchanges. In addition, students will be required to attend academic and financial workshops. Any student who does not attend these orientations is subject to having their nomination withdrawn and their program cancelled.

Student Conduct Pledge
After the application and selection process, all participants in UNCG study abroad programs and exchanges are required to complete and sign the pledge, which indicates their undertsanding and committment to observe the laws of the host country--as well as those of the United States and UNCG--in addition to being a good representative of UNCG. A copy of the pledge form can be found HERE. (* PDF)

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