Travel Funds

Whether by serving on our committees, or leading Study Abroad programs, or applying for travel grants, or going overseas on exchange, UNCG faculty members are encouraged to participate in the many activities of the International Programs Center. See below for some possibilities. If you have a program idea beyond those described below, give us a ring!

International Travel Fund Brochure
(* PDF)

ITF Budget Form
(* PDF)
Will you be presenting a paper at a professional meeting overseas? Then please apply for an ITF award, which will help pay for some of the costs of your participation. 
International Exchange Assignment
(* PDF)
Faculty seeking to gain international experience should consider applying for a UNCG "International Exchange Assignment." The program permits UNCG faculty to exchange places with a colleague from an overseas partner institution for a semester or an entire Academic Year.


Please note: some items require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.