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The purpose of the International Programs Center (IPC) is to coordinate and develop the University’s international activities to help ensure that the University achieves its international goals. IPC is comprised of Study Abroad and Exchanges and International Student and Scholar Services. The office also serves as the liaison for the INTERLINK Language Center.

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Vision: Global Leaders and Learners

IPC is committed to making UNCG a global university integrating intercultural and international experiences and perspectives into learning, discovery, and service for UNCG and the wider community. Through our programs and services, IPC provides critical support to building Global Connections, one of the three areas of focus in UNCG’s Strategic Plan.

Mission: Global Connections

IPC’s mission is to provide campus-wide leadership in the development and enhancement of international programs. IPC provides strategic focus and coordination of all programs designed to promote internationalization as one of UNCG’s three areas of strategic importance. IPC is committed to assisting students, faculty, and staff integrate knowledge and develop skills to be effective world citizens in a global economy and intercultural society. The IPC:

  • Provides cost-effective transformational exchange and study abroad programs to all UNCG students, including those in the Lloyd International Honors College.
  • Attracts, admits and retains a highly qualified diverse international student body.
  • Offers exceptional services, information, assistance, guidance, and support to all international students and scholars coming to UNCG
  • Serves as home to UNCG’s Global Engagement Quality Enhancement Plan, a critical component of the University’s Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation requirement, and is responsible for guiding its implementation.
  • Assists faculty, academic units, and the institution as a whole to secure internal and external funding for international projects.
  • Develops, maintains, and supports programs of outreach to local schools, businesses, and cultural groups throughout the community.

Equity Statement

Important note: This is a living document that our office is committed to reviewing and updating as often as necessary in the interest of furthering equity and social justice.

The International Programs Center (IPC) at UNC Greensboro celebrates and recognizes each member of our campus, and of our Greensboro and global communities, as contributing a unique perspective and approach to the outcomes of our greater shared fate. IPC has a duty of care to our students, staff, faculty, and community to redress historic injustices that result in the continued marginalization of specific groups in our community. IPC is committed to moving past mere tolerance of diversity and creating a culture of inclusion that sees diversity of identities, backgrounds, and ideas as fundamental to our excellence and success as a unit and institution. 

At IPC, we recognize addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion requires more than an acknowledgement  of deep seated issues–it requires action. We seek to understand and respond to current calls for inclusivity as necessitated by social justice. We at IPC commit ourselves to the following: 

  • Acknowledging that IPC exists within a system and a structure that has historically privileged select groups over others, and committing to utilizing the power hierarchy of the university to advocate for the success of groups that have been systematically marginalized to ensure that our programs are accessible to, and supportive of, students of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds 
  • Intentionally recruiting and supporting students of diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, various races, ethnic backgrounds, sexes, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, cognitive abilities, physical abilities, religions and spiritualities, value systems, national origins, immigration or refugee status, veteran status, and political beliefs
  • Devoting time and resources to ensuring the equitable treatment and respect of all students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and visitors to campus
  • Engaging in frequent critical self-reflection to make sure our policies and practices are creating equity and not perpetuating harm
  • Strategically working to foster intercultural learning opportunities through collaboration with departments and programs on and around UNCG’s campus with intent to embed diverse perspectives in, provide equitable access to, and ensure holistic support of internationalization efforts
  • Approaching challenges with creativity and a growth mindset, with a commitment to sitting with and moving through discomfort when necessary in the service of advancing justice and equity
  • Creating a space where everyone can be their unique, authentic selves