“We are very grateful to all the faculty who supported and mentored the students through the application process. We know mentoring is time consuming and labor intensive, but faculty serve as the best role models for students in terms of building skills, and resilience, in fellowship and grant applications.”

~ Maria Anastasiou, Associate Provost for International Programs.

Nominate a Student

Do you have a student who has what it takes to apply for a nationally competitive scholarship? Please nominate them by sending an email to fellowships@uncg.edu.

Writing Letters of Recommendation

Your letter of recommendation can distinguish a student from the crowd and prove decisive in the selection process. UNCG students have strong faculty support, and we appreciate your help. Here are some tips to help faculty.

  • Detail how you know the student
  • Illustrate the qualities that you value in him/her
  • Contribute original information and insight to the application
  • Offer some basis for comparison
  • Anecdotes are extremely valuable
  • Discuss a project or paper that the student handled well
  • Highlight a conversation, class discussion, or group contribution that impressed you
  • Address the letter “Dear [Insert Scholarship Name] Committee,” to allow for the letter to be used both for the UNCG nomination and the national competition
  • Review the fellowships website for any opportunity-specific letter writing guidance

Mentorship Opportunities

Each year, faculty volunteer to mentor fellowship applicants throughout the application process, providing valuable feedback and guidance. For fellowships with an on-campus interview component, we solicit interested faculty to serve on interview committees.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or an interviewer, please click below or contact fellowships@uncg.edu.

Faculty Mentor Interest Form

Applying for Faculty Fellowships

If you are interested in applying for faculty and staff fellowships, such as the Fulbright Scholar Program, please contact Dr. Maria Anastasiou, Associate Provost for International Programs at m_anastasio@uncg.edu.