Building Cultural Connections On-Campus and in the Community

The International Programs Center offers many opportunities for students, staff, and faculty in the U.S. to connect with international students on campus and out in the Greensboro community. Contact information for each opportunity is below. If you have questions about any programs listed below, please contact

UNC Greensboro’s Global Leadership Program (GLP) offers a transdisciplinary co-curriculum that promotes and recognizes international and global leadership, experience, and understanding. Open to all degree-seeking domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students at UNCG, the Global Leadership Program is relevant to students from any discipline, whether they are in the humanities, arts, natural or social sciences, or in the professional schools. The Global Leadership Program complements UNCG’s ongoing commitment to internationalization and the cultivation of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that attend to global citizenship.

International Peer Advisor Liaison (i-PAL) Program

The International Peer Advisor Liaison (i-PAL) program is intended for international degree-seeking students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This program is designed to help new international students get acclimated to our campus, surrounding community, and expectations in the U.S. classroom.  iPals are key to providing a welcoming environment for other international students at orientation and throughout the academic year.

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The International House—or I-House, as it is most commonly called—is home to students from all over the globe, including those from the U.S. I-House is located in the Tower Village Residence Hall. It is a residential community with an international twist! Built European-style (single rooms with shared common areas), I-House is open to all students (freshmen to graduate students) with a particular interest in learning from and living with people from other parts of the world.

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International Coffee Hours

In conjunction with the International Students Association and the iPALs, IPC hosts international coffee hours throughout the semester to offer space for intercultural connections and community building for international students, visiting scholars, and anyone interested in learning more about all things global at UNCG! Some coffee hours will feature presentations by UNCG students, staff, or faculty about a specific country or culture, while other sessions are open for general discussion and networking. Visit the IPC events calendar to view upcoming topics for international coffee hours each semester.

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Interlink Conversation Partners

INTERLINK’s Conversation-Partners Program offers non-native English speakers a chance to learn outside of the classroom with English-speaking peers. The goals of this program include helping an INTERLINK student improve their English; learning about a new culture; building awareness of world views; and forming new friendships. To apply, visit this link.