The Amazing Race

The International Student Association (ISA) is focused on building a strong and collaborative network to support the international community at UNCG and globalize our campus community by promoting and providing opportunities for intercultural exchange. We welcome everyone!

You can build your leadership skills in many different ways in our organization. For example, volunteering at our events, joining our eboard, helping us expand ISA with all your creative ideas, and more!

Through ISA, one is able to create wonderful connections and friendships with people from around the globe. The opportunities are endless and the world’s cultures are so vast. ISA is the perfect place to start your adventure of learning about all the opportunities available right within Greensboro. 

Our latest event, The Amazing Race, was held in Foust Park. We welcomed new members with fun and crafty activities from four different countries. Countries and activities highlighted were the United States corn hole, Japan’s origami folding, Cyprus and Greek writing, and Mexico’s day of the dead skull drawing.

Find us on Spartan Connect or keep up with us on Instagram to find out about upcoming events!