The International Programs Center is pleased to announce an exciting partnership between UNCG’s School of Health & Human Services and School of Education and Universität Hamburg’s Faculty of Psychology & Human Movement Science and Faculty of Education. This new collaboration will not only explore global opportunities in joint research and lectures, but also facilitate opportunities for student/staff mobility and the exchange of academic material and information.

This spring, we welcomed to campus Dr. Erin Gerlach, Dr. Claus Krieger, and Dr. Wiebke Langer from Universität Hamburg to meet with various deans, chairs, faculty and a Guilford County Schools liaison to share research and explore student placement opportunities abroad.

Dr. Wiebke Langer spent a total of 6 weeks at UNCG and integrated herself into the Department of Kinesiology. She had strong engagement and interactions with the School of Education as well, writing a collaborative grant for international exchange with Dr. Jane He (SOE) and Professor Judy Fowler (Physical Education Health Teacher Education Concentration Program Coordinator in KIN). In addition, she is writing another grant with Dr. Ben Dyson (KIN) and her colleagues from Hamburg. During her time at UNCG, she was very active with class observations and American cultural experiences.

                                                                                          Universität Hamburg delegation is shown in photo with SOE Dean Randy Penfield