Feifei Gu
Feifei Gu

Feifei Gu is an international exchange student from Fudan University in China. She is a junior majoring in Politics.

IPC: What do you enjoy most about studying at UNCG?
FG: I enjoy every part of life at UNCG! There are lots of parties, outdoor events, academic lectures and workshops for me to experience. I have made lots of friends here and have enjoyed the opportunity to broaden my horizons in culture exchange.

IPC: What advice do you have for students who want to study here?
FG: You never know what can happen when you go abroad. Studying at UNCG is a great opportunity to know who you really want to be and what you truly want. Please embrace a different lifestyle, meet new friends, and experience as much as you can!

IPC: Do you participate in extracurricular activities?
FG: During this semester, I participated in many extracurricular activities. I attended three academic lectures, related to Human rights and Political Science. I went to the Friday Cultural Fests, Asian Autumn Festival, Alcohol Free Fun Fest, basketball games, homecoming events, just to name a few. I also participated in some outdoor activities, like hiking and rowing!