UNCG’s International Program Center began 2019 by hosting the Study Abroad expo to showcase the current programs and provide a space for curious students to come and explore their options. With over 30 short term opportunities and partnerships with 93 universities all over the world, there is no doubt that everyone can find a place that fits their interests and major. For Heidi Bretz, Assistant Director, the goal of the expo is to make it known to the students that studying abroad is an opportunity for all, and that IPC is there to help answer all questions and spread the word that there are many scholarships and resources to utilize to make going abroad as affordable as possible. “What people […]

For senior international exchange student Irina Gurewitsch from the University of Mannheim in Germany, coming to UNCG was a welcome change of scenery. Originally from Minsk, Russia, Gurewitsch moved to Germany when she was six and didn’t see much greenery except when she spent weekends at her grandmother’s house in the forest. For her first time in the US, she found an unexpected sense of home when she stumbled upon the gardening club during her first week. Joining the club gave her a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that was reminiscent of the time she spent in the woods with her family and made the campus feel like a home away from home. “I didn’t realize I was that much […]

UNCG celebrated its annual International Education Week, a national initiative by the U.S. Department of State and Department of Education, with a series of events to celebrate diversity and internationalization on campus. This year’s IEW took place from November 12-16. With over 90 countries represented at UNCG, students were able to speak and learn from one another about opportunities to go abroad and develop intercultural competence. IPC kicked off its IEW festivities in on Monday, November 12 in the EUC Commons. The prominent display of this year’s International Photo Contest winners were some of the first items to be noticed. Winner of the “Spartan Spirit Abroad” category, Gabrielle Morris (pictured here), provided some insight on her choice to study abroad […]